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26. Gaufest Buffalo Registration Information

Last update: 6/1/17 @ 8:00pm EST

26. Gaufest Registration Information Document

This 26. Gaufest Registration Link will take you to the registration website which your Verein admin(s) will need to access in order to register all the members for a fest ticket, souvenirs, etc. Your admin(s) will need to request an ID, by selecting "Request Account", before they will be able to login to the registration site. Just fill out the requested information, and we will setup your account and let you know when it is available.

Refund Policy: We will not be issuing refunds for any paid items (banquet tickets, souvenirs, pre-sale breakfasts, etc). We view a paid banquet ticket as a commitment that you will be joining us and we are working on our event based on those numbers. We do understand that there are situations where "the right thing to do" takes precedence. So if we receive a written request before the deadline date we, the 26. Gaufest Executive Committee, will review the request and provide a ruling. As an additional note, adding 1 or 2 additional banquet tickets later on, before the deadline, will not affect your seating or position in the Parade of Flags.

Gaufest Deadlines

Festbuch Ad Order Forms - 4/1/2017

Friends of 26. Gaufest - 4/1/2017

Heimatabend Form - 4/1/2017

Fest Ticket Reservations - 4/22/2017

Pre-order Breakfast - 5/1/2017

Pre-order Beer/Cheese Platters - 5/1/2017

Carnation Order Form - 5/1/2017

Ehrentanz Form - 5/1/2017

Fahnen Form - 5/1/2017

Frühschoppen Form - 5/1/2017

Schafkopf Form - 5/1/2017

Souvenir Forms - 5/1/2017

Einzelpreisplatteln Form - 5/15/2017

Jugend Einzel Form - 5/15/2017

Jugend Preisplatteln Form - 5/15/2017

Gruppenpreisplatteln Form - 5/30/2017


If you need an additional Unsere Freunde form feel free to download it from here: Unsere Freunde Form

Fest Ticket

Adults (21+) $190
Young Adults (13-20) $175
Children (12 & under) Free

Some new options:

Meal selection: You will be able to select your meal when registering for your fest ticket.

Pork Option - Roasted Pork Loin with diced apples, bacon and onions, spaetzle, carrot toppers, sweet and sour red cabbage
Vegetarian/Gluten Free Option - Portabella Mushroom, roasted red potatoes, carrot toppers, sweet and sour red cabbage

Go-green: In an effort to go green, we have added an option to select if one would like to get a festbook. We know that there are families(ex. family of 4) who get 4 festbooks but only want 1. Children tickets will not be offered a festbook.

All Preisplattler: A musician will need to be entered. This will help with scheduling when the musician is playing for multiple couples.

Pre-Order Breakfast: Since Gaufest is a very busy weekend, we understand that the hotel restaurants may not be able to serve you in the timely fashion that you would like, therefore, we will be offering breakfast on Friday and Saturday mornings. You will only be able to purchase this pre-sale and will not be able to purchase this the day of. This will be offered in the Adam's Mark hotel, which is where the competitions will be held. We hope this will help those who want it to get a quick, warm breakfast before attending the competitions. On the registration website, you can select Friday, Saturday or Both. You will receive tickets for your purchased breakfasts in your welcome packet.

Menu: Array of Fresh Fruits and Berries, Danish, Muffins, Croissants, Fruit Marmalade and Jams, a Variety of Dry Cereal with Milk, Hot Croissant Sandwiches with Egg, Cheese and Ham, Sausage or Bacon, Assorted Juices, Coffee, and Tea
Price: $13.00/day ($1 cheaper than the hotel buffet)
Time: 6:30am - 10:00am both days

Frühschoppen (Saturday 8am-10am): This will include 2 weisswurst, soft pretzel, a weissbeer and mustard & cheese sides.